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Being an all-round pharmaceutical solutions company, Kasen Pharma, the best of all the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies in India, provides reliable solutions to different sectors and players in the pharmaceuticals industry. We meet the needs of all the requirements of a pharmaceutical company involved in the production and/or marketing of generic drugs. We customise and tailor-make the range of services as required by our clients. Our services can be classified as follows:

Portfolio Manufacturing& Marketing

Kasen Pharma is one of the pharma companies in India, with a huge generic drugs portfolio, more focussed on the current demands of the developing and the developed world. The cost-efficient production methodology and the strategic logistics strength of Kasen Pharma, makes it a trusted brand in the market.

Bulk Manufacturing

Kasen Pharma’s one of the Third party pharma manufacturing companies in India core strengths are following pharmaceutical good manufacturing practices, as recommended by the statutory bodies. Kasen Pharma is your ideal choice for third party manufacturing of generic drugs, at lower prices and higher efficiency formulations. We follow complete lean manufacturing methods, by partnering with the best pharmaceutical companies in India, that not only ensure cost-optimisation but also deliver safe and quality products.

Hospital Clinical supplies distribution

The founders of Kasen Pharma have been a trusted brand for years in the healthcare space. The trust is synonymous with an efficient system of supply chain management for healthcare providers. Kasen Pharma strives to create a harmonious ecosystem, whereby the Hospitals and all the healthcare providers alike, are brought the most cost efficient and trusted brands of everyday clinical supplies, at the right time and right place, hassle- free.

Strategic Collaboration

Strategic partnerships and collaborations are vital to successful introduction of essential drugs in the healthcare sector. At Kasen pharma, we know that sound research and development of drugs is feeder of any pharma organisation. We would form the bridge between your potential partners, by identifying the right client, pharma franchise and develop a sustainable relationship, be it contract manufacturing companies or contract research organizations. The strategic partnership aiding does not just end with the above but also extends further in finding a right partner for you to expand your business by finding the right marketing support, pharma distributors etc.,